Visiting and using and participating in 'gold-bugging' are optional. Any activity you do while your are out in the bush including but not limited to detecting, digging, walking, camping, driving, traveling, etc, or while you are on the internet is entirely at your own risk.


Obviously, by having found a 'bug', you have already taken upon yourself and accepted the potential risks of detecting / camping / bushwalking / etc in order to find gold or other treasures. Finding a 'bug', learning what a 'bug' is, or re-burying a 'bug' in no way transfers the risk of your chosen activity onto or any man/woman/person/entity associated with You go out in the bush and detect entirely at your own risk, and your decision to participate in the activity of 'bugging' or 'gold-bugging' (that is, to merely record the details of the event of finding one of those 'gold bugs' and subsequently re-burying it) is optional and also entirely at your own risk.


If you choose not to particpate then you can either place the 'bug' back in or on the ground, or alterntaively you may contact and arrange to give the 'bug' back to for re-burial.